Consumer-facing organisations have rapidly adapted to a new world order where people can buy anything, anywhere, and at any time. The global consumer industry has seen widespread consolidation, fast-growing new entrants and the loss of some long-standing, much-loved brands. Technological advancements have led to greater transparency of choice, meaning consumer companies must understand their customers better than ever to stay competitive in today's market.

How We Help

Our team of expert consumer consultants has worked with some of the world's leading brands to build the talent bench required to navigate the changes taking place across the industry. Encouraging our clients to see beyond traditional industry lines, Marlin Hawk has brought fresh energy and ideas to leadership positions in the consumer industry.

Key leadership capabilities we are building side-by-side with our clients include, driving the transformation strategy, articulating the technology investment to the Board, and defining the right customer experience.

Consulting TeamFull Staff Directory

  • Marlin Hawk Toronto's Client Partner Sachin Sama

    Sachin Sama

    Client Partner


  • Marlin Hawk London's Global Managing Partner John-Claude Hesketh

    John-Claude Hesketh

    Global Managing Partner


  • Marlin Hawk New York's President Americas Tracy Murdoch O'Such

    Tracy Murdoch O'Such

    President Americas

    New York

  • Marlin Hawk New York's Knowledge Management & Strategic Intelligence Analyst Grace Fording

    Grace Fording

    Knowledge Management & Strategic Intelligence Analyst

    New York

  • Marlin Hawk New York's Associate Jason Rose

    Jason Rose


    New York

  • Marlin Hawk New York's Researcher Jennifer Luckett

    Jennifer Luckett


    New York

  • Marlin Hawk London's Researcher Kinga Nesselfeld

    Kinga Nesselfeld



  • Marlin Hawk London's Senior Associate Morgan Mocke

    Morgan Mocke

    Senior Associate


  • Marlin Hawk London's Consultant Poppy Ellison

    Poppy Ellison



  • Marlin Hawk London's Client Partner Trevor Moulton

    Trevor Moulton

    Client Partner


  • Marlin Hawk Dubai's Client Partner Zak Marar

    Zak Marar

    Client Partner