About Us

We aspire to be the boutique partner of choice at the forefront of transformational change and placing the most positively disruptive talent into ambitious and forward-thinking organisations.

For 20 years, we have been helping organisations around the world to secure their new generation of leaders. Serving our clients from multiple locations, we are one connected global team with a shared and common purpose.

Staying at the forefront of industry trends and changes, we provide our clients with the world’s leading and most desirable transformative talent. With unrivalled research and strategic intelligence, we are thoughtfully developing a science behind the art of executive search.

Committed to diversity we believe in providing our clients with pragmatic, long term and impactful solutions to make the executive world a more inclusive place.

Our Values

At Marlin Hawk, we are dedicated to fostering an environment that aligns with our six core values:


Working together in reciprocity and lisitening to one another


Asking questions and approaching situations with an open-mindset


Fearless pursuit of sustainable growth delivering high-quality outcomes


Having a genuine interest in the growth of everyone around us


Self-awareness and seeing all sides of any situation and the bigger picture


Coming together to celebrate individual milestones and collective success

Our Diversity & Inclusion Commitment

Marlin Hawk has been working with organisations since its inception to secure their new generation of leaders. Striving to be leaders in our own field, we understand the important role we play in promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace.

As a global organisation with team members across three continents, Marlin Hawk is focused on creating an environment where diversity is valued, and inclusion is the norm. Looking at our clients and at ourselves, we are acutely aware that there is still a lot to be done.

We commit to upholding the standards of inclusion, respect, and equality in everything we do; we strive for a culture that fosters courage, patience and empathy; and we understand that empowering our team members will make us stronger. It is from this place of deeper understanding that we can better partner with clients and candidates to deliver innovative solutions and a better future.

Nurturing Talent

Marlin Hawk works to find the right candidates for emerging roles, wherever they are in the world and seeks to nurture and support emerging talent.

When trying to find a visual way to interpret the depth of insight and research that sets us apart from traditional search firms, we wanted something different. A change from the standard stock imagery. And so, we looked to the art world. And discovered the glass artistry of Tim Rawlinson.

Tim's work changes, depending from which angle you look at it. Look closely, and you'll see the light highlight different features, aspects and perspectives. Take a step back, and it changes again to reveal the whole.

Tim combines his detailed craftsmanship and methodology with his immense skill and artistic talent, and his processes reflect how Marlin Hawk builds executive teams. Teams built on in-depth research and insights and that overlap to bring people together and form a greater whole.

David Holloway, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Marlin Hawk

Marlin Hawk in Numbers

  • 1000+

    searches executed

  • 38%

    gender-diverse placements

  • 44%

    cross-sector placements

  • 49%

    cross-border placements