Succession Planning

Staying ahead and finding the best diverse talent demands proactive networking and succession planning for all your critical roles, all the time. When you need to make a leadership change, you know the right people who can successfully transition into your organisation.

We know that to bring the best diverse leaders over the line, for example, demands more than an individual hiring manager. And it requires that you build a long-term relationship between your candidate and your executive committee over many months.

That’s why we source potential candidates for you to meet and arrange regular meetings with them, over and above the traditional six-week rush.

By helping you get to know your potential candidates personally over extended periods, you can start to understand how they will fit into your business. This understanding reduces the risk of a bad hire or management overhead, lining up your leaders of tomorrow.

By creating shadow leadership teams for your business, Marlin Hawk gives you, your board and your regulators full confidence in the future state of your business, under the current regulatory, economic and political pressures.