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It can be ‘tough at the top’ but every company needs a leader who’s willing to shoulder the pressure, expectation and honour of driving business performance and taking personal responsibility for each and every employee. A CEO sets the tone for the organisation, both commercially and culturally. With the world evolving, attitudes changing and expectations rising, the right CEO can drive performance and results through accurately reading the mood of their clients, consumers and employees. Not understanding the way their world is going can be costly and potentially terminal for a CEO and their organisation.

We seek to understand the CEO’s overriding challenges and aims; what needs to change and what type of leader can and has been successful in delivering the type of results our clients crave. Our research will take us to answers other organisations wouldn’t even have considered. It will uncover leaders with a vision that is radical and ambitious. Using our global network and understanding, Marlin Hawk searches far beyond the obvious to uncover the right CEOs and General Managers for your business.

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