As technology and digitalisation disrupt the healthcare industry, the lines that once existed between pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device companies, and healthcare systems are disappearing.

Healthcare companies must innovate, invest and educate their consumers and markets on what’s possible in the ultimate aim to lead the longest and healthiest life possible.

How We Help

Experienced and creative leaders in the healthcare sector with a thirst for knowledge and challenge – and the ability to turn ideas and often dreams into reality – are more in demand than ever. The healthcare executive search consultants in Marlin Hawk's healthcare consultant team will help you source forward-looking leaders for even the most challenging roles across your organisation.

Consulting TeamFull Staff Directory

  • Marlin Hawk London's Global Managing Partner John-Claude Hesketh

    John-Claude Hesketh

    Global Managing Partner


  • Marlin Hawk New York's Partner James Larkin

    James Larkin


    New York

  • Marlin Hawk Denver's Associate Carlos Beltran

    Carlos Beltran



  • Marlin Hawk New York's Consultant Michael Schwartz

    Michael Schwartz


    New York

  • Marlin Hawk Denver's Consultant Olivia Westbrook-Gold

    Olivia Westbrook-Gold



  • Marlin Hawk Denver's Client Partner Greg Rodarte

    Greg Rodarte

    Client Partner