Talent Pipelining

The war for talent is intensifying. And new functions and roles are evolving at pace. Talent pipelining today, and for the future, helps you proactively build a network of dialogues between top leaders for all your known and yet to be defined roles.

At Marlin Hawk, we engage with potential candidates by telling your company’s story and educating the market about your brand. We start conversations between top leaders that highlight the careers, rather than the roles, that exist within your business.

As conversations begin to spread, they start a major marketing campaign about your company between wide networks of top leaders. And begin to attract engagement from those candidates looking for a significant career move, rather than a new role.

Spreading your company’s story and starting conversations about the careers you offer enables you to run several talent pipelines at once – and to focus on a specific function.

Talent pipelining in this way sees particular success in the creation of talent pools in new functions where the structure is not yet defined. It creates a warm talent pool of executives who you can talk to first when there is a need, reducing your potential search spend.