The rise of digital transformation has drastically changed the telecommunications industry. From 5G networks to the Internet of Things, from its transition to the cloud and future API strategy, the next chapter and decade in the history of telecommunications will be written by these technologies.

As the communications industry continues to evolve, so does the industry’s identity and the value it brings to the enterprise and consumer market. Looking ahead, 5G and IoT undeniably will continue to drive transformation in the industry. While there will be tremendous pressure on service providers to capitalize on network investments in the coming years, those who do so successfully will set themselves up to build profitable businesses.

How We Help

At Marlin Hawk, our telecommunications consultant team has extensive experience of hiring leaders who can take organisations on the journey to achieve digital transformation. Our industry experience and global networks reach across sectors and across geographies, while our telecommunications experts support board and C-Suite cross-hires within the business.

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