Cyber and Information Security

With the digitalisation of businesses and the vastly increased level of customer data held by organisations, the threat posed by criminals through cybercrime has become front and centre for governments as well as private institutions.

Tackling the cyber and information security issues has become one of the fastest-growing areas of risk for businesses and one of the topics highest on the agenda of boards. Whether driving the cyber and information security strategy for an organisation and developing policies and governance to mitigate the risks, or delivering the technical security solutions to protect their organisations from these threats, the solutions are highly complex and require expert leaders. Demand for CISOs and other divisional leaders across cyber and information security who can navigate the highly complex issues relating to this is growing year on year.

How We Help

Marlin Hawk’s expert consultants have supported businesses of varying size, scale and international footprint to ensure they have access to the talented executives who can materially reduce the cyber and information security risks and protect their organisations. Tapping into talent pools beyond the obvious, Marlin Hawk can transverse multiple sectors to bring the diversity of experience needed to build high-performing teams that defend your businesses’ most important assets.

Consulting TeamFull Staff Directory

  • Charles Matthews

    Senior Consultant


  • Chris Cook

    Client Partner


  • John-Claude Hesketh

    Global Managing Partner


  • Mark Oppenheimer

    Managing Partner, Global Client Services

    New York

  • Poppy Ellison



  • Ricky Lam

    Client Partner

    Hong Kong

  • Philip Young

    Client Partner


  • Trevor Moulton

    Client Partner