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In a world where rapid change is the new normal, organisations must take a radical approach to board recruitment. Key challenges affecting today's corporate boards include the technology talent gap, digital transformation and evolving professional drivers across the workforce. We have found that only 14% of leading corporations have technology talent represented on their boards. With the future of business reliant upon data, digital, analytics, and cyber security, representation on corporate boards needs to change drastically. The acceleration of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, virtual business and agile operating models has made board members with experience driving change and transformation agendas essential. As the future of work evolves, board leaders with experience across core topics like diversity, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and mental health are critical.

We partner with leaders to build innovation into the fabric of the boardroom. Our network of Next-Generation board talent has been cultivated over 20 years of partnering with leaders to drive significant change and strategic transformation. Our network is age-agnostic, digital-led and diverse. While experience can pay dividends, the insight of a first-time board member with a different generational outlook can positively disrupt the status quo. Securing advisors with a digital mindset is crucial for staying one step ahead of change. A well diversified team drives innovation and economic performance. NEDs are expected to act as risk / reward enablers and balancers, and the expertise of someone with different experiences can prove invaluable to assessing new opportunities.

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