Private Equity

Like our private equity clients, we realise that the speed and quality of delivery are the cornerstones of success. We partner with some of the world’s most ambitious and demanding PE organisations, each striving to produce results many others believed impossible to achieve.

Whether a business requires a new strategic direction, world-class business development or an operational leadership refresh to make the most out of its investment, Marlin Hawk’s network is able to deliver the right leader for any business circumstance.

How We Help

We are plugged into some of the most accomplished PE leaders and portfolio leaders in the world, with proven track records of outstanding returns on their initial investments. As one of the world’s leading private equity executive search firms, we also stay close to our broader talent pool, understanding and advising them when it’s the right time and opportunity to make their first move into PE. This gives our PE clients an unrivalled network of new thinking and talent to allow them to be at the forefront of changing the industries in which they have invested.

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