Hospitality & Leisure

The hospitality and leisure industry has been at the forefront of digital transformation with technology, data, aggregators and fingertip searches changing the game in this sector forever. World-renowned brand names have digitalised their business models at an accelerated pace to remain relevant, while some of the largest hospitality and leisure organisations in the world today didn't exist a decade ago.

Both the gig economy and innovative new hospitality and leisure concepts, alongside the transparency of choice, have increased the ability and ease with which people can find what they’re looking to an unparalleled level.

How We Help

Marlin Hawk has partnered with leading hospitality and leisure organisations to attract leaders who can build brand loyalty and provide a customer experience that sets our clients apart in an ever-changing marketplace. Our hospitality executive search consultants have a diversity of thought that has enabled clients to secure and mould their executive team into the fluid and forward-thinking unit it needs to be to thrive.

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