Wholesale Financial Services

Since the financial crisis, global wholesale financial services has changed dramatically and continues to evolve as institutions have had to adapt business models and continue to shift their market proposition. Regulation, innovation and cost transformation all feature highly as key issues requiring leaders who can succeed in the shifting market landscape. With the increased regulation put upon investment banks, coupled with the electronification of markets, the talent landscape of banks has changed significantly and continues to evolve. As institutions look to markets with more sustainable revenue that are less capital intensive, corporate and transaction banking services has seen substantial growth.

With the introduction of new innovations and technologies to the market, such as; AI, blockchain, data science and quantum computing, we can expect the talent landscape to shift even further as manual processes are automated and AI and data science increasingly drive decision making across all functions of institutions.

How We Help

Marlin Hawk’s expert wholesale financial services consultants, partner with some of the world’s leading financial institutions to navigate the ongoing changes in the sector; ensuring that these businesses have a clear human capital strategy with access to the best talent in the market, that can challenge the status quo. Whether addressing the heightened regulatory environment with access to leaders in risk and compliance, or working with businesses to help build a talent strategy that delivers against the data, innovation and technology challenges, Marlin Hawk has proven its ability to support clients in an increasingly dynamic market, globally.

Consulting TeamFull Staff Directory

  • Marlin Hawk London's Global Managing Partner John-Claude Hesketh

    John-Claude Hesketh

    Global Managing Partner


  • Marlin Hawk London's Consultant Mayur Patel

    Mayur Patel



  • Marlin Hawk London's Consultant Michael Ioannou

    Michael Ioannou



  • Marlin Hawk Hong Kong's Senior Associate Vijayshree Unnithan

    Vijayshree Unnithan

    Senior Associate

    Hong Kong

  • Marlin Hawk Singapore's Client Partner Chris Cook

    Chris Cook

    Client Partner


  • Marlin Hawk London's Client Partner Stacey Keith

    Stacey Keith

    Client Partner


  • Marlin Hawk London's Client Partner Trevor Moulton

    Trevor Moulton

    Client Partner