Consumer Financial Services

Consumer banking has been a critical part of the world’s infrastructure for nearly 200 years. As with all industries, financial services organisations are having to adapt and change the way they interact with their customers. Consumers want a multi-faceted personal approach to managing their finances, due to how they shop, how they watch movies and how they communicate. The digital revolution has made us all more aware of our spending, our current wealth and the vast array of ways in which we can make the most of our assets. As a result, there is a genuine war to win the hearts and minds of customers, to feel connected to their aims and ambitions and to be trusted to manage their families’ futures.

How We Help

Our consumer financial services consultants look beyond the normal answers, asking what experiences are truly required to change the face of how our clients acquire, retain and delight their customers. We challenge the status quo of the same network of executives circulating from bank to bank and ask, “Can consumer and customer experience be transferred from other B2C businesses into the consumer financial services sector?”

Offering deep client and candidate insight, Marlin Hawk finds the right cultural fit in parallel with a positively disruptive mindset. We offer onboarding and integration support to ensure both the candidate and client benefit from their adventurous and exciting decision.

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