Case Study

Global Head of Cloud Transformation, Global Insurance Company

The Brief

The Chief Digital & Information Officer and leaders from this Global Insurance Group mandated Marlin Hawk on a confidential talent pipeline with the aim of identifying, approaching, and engaging individuals that could enhance and disrupt its Global Infrastructure function. Whilst the mandate was broad in nature, our client only had the ability to make one external hire, we were asked to focus on the areas of Data Centres, Network, and Cloud. Additionally, the client was interested in learning key information from more digitally advanced companies outside of the Financial Services industry and asked Marlin Hawk to present comprehensive market analysis and research.​

Our Approach

Marlin Hawk’s strategy centred around mapping companies in the financial services, technology, and retail industries. We agreed to deliver bi-weekly reports for three months, each containing 5 candidate introductions and critical market intelligence on a range of companies. Our client would then decide which candidates they would like to meet, informing the candidate only after they signed an NDA. ​

Through the exercise of meeting candidates, our client identified a role within the organisation that was critical to the firm’s 5-year innovation roadmap. They created a Global Head of Cloud Transformation role, and Marlin Hawk focused the final third of the project sourcing cloud executives from various industries. 

The Result

Through our global research, Marlin Hawk introduced 30 candidates, of which 20 were interviewed. Additionally, Marlin Hawk produced and delivered strategic intelligence which highlighted analysis on gender diversity, organisational structures, and key initiatives from a multitude of industries.​

At the conclusion of the project, Marlin Hawk successfully placed a candidate into the firm as its Global Head of Cloud Transformation. The candidate joined the firm with a wealth of knowledge in cloud strategy, partnerships and execution, having led in similar roles in the Telecommunications and Financial Services sectors. The candidate began their tenure in early 2022 and has already begun to disrupt the companies Global Infrastructure function.

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