People Journey Series | Manjeet Padda, Head of Assignment Management, London

by Manjeet Padda

We take a look behind the corporate bios of our team to uncover what drives them in their careers and why they continue to choose Marlin Hawk. Next in our People Journey Series is Manjeet Padda​, Head of Assignment Management​ in our London office.

01. Tell us about your career to date with Marlin Hawk.

I joined Marlin Hawk in 2011 as a Business Support Administrator. At the time, a large part of my role was centred around compiling documents for various external meetings. Fast forward a few years, support staff were now responsible for all scheduling relating to searches. This was a real turning point for me, it was my first experience of diary management which would later become the focus of my role. As I became more comfortable with scheduling, I began to think about how I could enhance the process from an administrative perspective. From here I began to standardise some of our procedures to ensure a uniform approach was adopted for our clients and candidates, while not losing sight of the need to tailor elements to ensure individual client and candidate expectations are met.​

02. What attracted you to Marlin Hawk? And how have we delivered on expectations?

I was initially attracted by the level at which we operate. I have worked on several very senior appointments, notably a Group Chief Operating Officer role at one of the world's largest global banks. I really enjoy working for a mix of clients across all areas of the business. It has allowed me to become familiar with the search process and really understand the scope of my role.

03. What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Most definitely my promotion! It was great to have my efforts recognised in this way. Additionally, navigating Covid-19 has pushed me professionally. The last year has completely changed the way we work; 95% of all interviews are now done via VC whereas previously every search would require a face-to-face meeting. Theoretically, some might think this would prove easier to arrange but it has come with its own set of challenges. I think I have worked diligently over the last year to test and troubleshoot where possible to ensure the smooth running of all meetings. I have had to adapt our approach quickly to ensure our candidate and client experience was not compromised. ​

04. What or who has helped you along the way?

The leadership team, specifically our Global Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer International. Our COO International orchestrated a complete overhaul of how the business support team worked. I think this allowed us all to work more efficiently and utilise our time and skills more effectively. Personally, it made my role far more fulfilling and was the first step in helping me identify where I wanted my career to go. When working with our Global Managing Partner, any self-doubt I may experience is met with warm words of encouragement. I think his overall support and management style throughout the years has really helped me flourish and come into my own.

05. How would you describe the culture at Marlin Hawk?

Friendly, challenging and motivating. We are a great team, led by great leaders!

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