People Journey Series | Grace Fording, Associate

by Grace Fording

We take a look behind the corporate bios of our team to uncover what drives them in their careers and why they continue to choose Marlin Hawk. Next in our People Journey Series is Grace Fording, Associate in our New York office.

01. Tell us about your career to date with Marlin Hawk.

I've been with Marlin Hawk for almost four years, having originally joined the Business Support team in 2019. I had pivoted my career trajectory from the legal field to social work and somehow ended up in executive search!

After a year in that role, I was given an opportunity to assist with a market intelligence project, which really ignited my passion for research. I then moved onto the Client Development & Strategy team, where I served in a dual role as Knowledge Management & Strategic Intelligence Analyst, working across many projects including thought leadership pieces like our research on the 2021 CISO, and quarterly market moves. I also helped manage our CRM and the long migration to a new platform. This helped me understand the data integrity piece and provided me with interesting skills around learning and development, as I was able to train others on how to use the system.

These experiences in multiple roles have given me a fundamental understanding of executive search, and insights into many sometimes-niche industries and functions ultimately bringing me to where I am now – an Associate.

02. What attracted you to Marlin Hawk? And what makes you stay?

The people at Marlin Hawk are what makes me stay! Not only the teammates I work directly with, who push me to do my best work and hold me to a high standard, but the co-workers I see in the office every day. I really cherish these interactions and the relationships I’ve built with the team over the past few years.

03. What has been your greatest achievement so far?

At Marlin Hawk, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone at each phase of the learning process. I’m proud of the way my self-confidence has grown. Additionally, wearing many hats at this company means I am constantly learning new things. This has made me into a very process-driven, organized person, which I never used to say about myself.

04. Who has helped you along the way?

I am very grateful to have had amazing managers in my roles here at Marlin Hawk, particularly two individuals who have shown me an incredible amount of patience, support, and understanding, especially during the pandemic when there was quite a bit of uncertainty. It is so important to have supportive managers who encourage your success! I value their intelligence, hard work ethic, and commitment to a work-life balance.

05. Which of the Marlin Hawk values resonates the most and why?

The Marlin Hawk entrepreneurial and ambitious spirit resonates with me most – at Marlin Hawk, we are encouraged to craft our own career and journey throughout the company and I think I’ve done that quite well (with the help of others, of course!).

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