People Journey Series | Olivia Westbrook-Gold, Consultant, New York

by Olivia Westbrook-Gold

We take a look behind the corporate bios of our team to uncover what drives them in their careers and why they continue to choose Marlin Hawk. Next in our People Journey Series is Olivia Westbrook-Gold, Consultant​ in our New York office.

01. Tell us about your career to date with Marlin Hawk.

I joined as a Research Associate supporting the financial services, healthcare and insurance practice. After spending the first year working across fraud, risk, compliance, information security and technology searches, I was promoted to Associate and given the opportunity to run my first searches solo and play a leading role in a couple of organizational mapping projects. I found myself especially drawn to searches and projects where clients prioritized diversity and inclusion. In January 2021, I was promoted to Consultant playing a larger role in client management, creating my own business development plans and being a champion of diversity and inclusion within Marlin Hawk and externally with our clients.​

02. What attracted you to Marlin Hawk? And how have we delivered on expectations?

I was attracted to the entrepreneurial spirit of Marlin Hawk. I wanted to join a boutique sized, fast growing firm where I would play a significant role in searches and projects rather than being a small cog in a large wheel. I was drawn to the opportunity to grow quickly as I was told that a track record of success is what prompts promotions versus years of service. Marlin Hawk has more than delivered on expectations and I am surrounded by supportive colleagues who believe in my abilities and continue to push me to the next level.​

03. What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Undoubtedly, the work I helped deliver for one of our healthcare clients upgrading its information security function. We first worked with the Chief Risk Officer to hire a new Chief Information Security Officer for the organization. We then completed an in-depth assessment of the current information security leaders that would be reporting to the new CISO as well as a large-scale mapping project of the information security functions in similar sized organizations across industries. This gave the incoming CISO valuable data when meeting with the Board and Executive Committee surrounding the necessary investments the function needed. Taking a leading role in all aspects of this multi-pronged project was my greatest achievement as it not only highlighted my depth of knowledge in the function, but also exemplified the leadership advisory role that Marlin Hawk plays for our clients beyond executive search.​

04. What or who has helped you along the way?

I have had incredible mentors at Marlin Hawk who believe in my abilities, support me as I grow in my career and continuously push me to be the best I can be. I work with exceptionally smart and driven colleagues who I learn from daily. Innate curiosity and the personal drive to perform at the highest level have helped me be successful at Marlin Hawk.

05. How would you describe the culture at Marlin Hawk?

Marlin Hawk has a highly collaborate culture where colleagues pull together their knowledge and networks to provide top-notch deliverables. The organization is growing and is innovative in the way it approaches work and recognizes and rewards employees for their performance. Marlin Hawk is focused on creating an environment where diversity is valued and inclusion is the norm and has created a D&I Committee to champion this across three continents.

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