Professional Services

Major shifts are ahead for the professional services industry as technology puts immense pressure on the larger firms that have traditionally dominated the sector. Platforms are giving transparency to many professional services providers and clients are able to pick and choose from a variety of organisations that meet their needs. Access to knowledge is at unprecedented levels and companies are breaking down traditional competitive practice to solve problems together.

How We Help

Our professional services consultants have partnered with clients to bring in leaders who understand how to remain competitive in a sector that is undergoing rapid transformation. Critical to remaining relevant in today's marketplace is hiring executives who understand how to build the right culture, talent and capabilities across the organisation.

Consulting TeamFull Staff Directory

  • Marlin Hawk London's Global Managing Partner John-Claude Hesketh

    John-Claude Hesketh

    Global Managing Partner


  • Marlin Hawk London's Consultant Daniel Finer

    Daniel Finer



  • Marlin Hawk New York's Researcher Jennifer Luckett

    Jennifer Luckett


    New York

  • Marlin Hawk Singapore's Client Partner Chris Cook

    Chris Cook

    Client Partner


  • Marlin Hawk London's Client Partner Trevor Moulton

    Trevor Moulton

    Client Partner