Transport and logistics make the world go around, and today this is happening at speeds and via channels not previously deemed possible. Without the millions of complex trade and transport chains that exist, much of the world’s population would be without food and the essential nutrients needed to survive. Innovation is disrupting our logistics sector – and is evolving to change the future of this space. Margin pressures as a result of competition spark the need for logistics businesses to transform from a set of standard operations to agile, customer-focused, value-creating organisations.

Changes in global political, demographics and economic environments have significant business implications on the sector, but many companies are not fully prepared to embrace the opportunities and threats of expanding cities and emerging markets.

How We Help

Marlin Hawk’s logistics executive search consultants advise logistics and transportation companies on finding leaders who can think strategically, who will lead and drive digitalisation transformation, and who have the right mix of global and local experience with a strong customer orientation.

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