Case Study

Group Chief Operating Officer, Tier 1 Universal Bank

London, United Kingdom

The Brief

A tier 1 universal bank, one of the largest and most geographically diverse institutions in the world, required a new Group COO as a result of the incumbent announcing retirement.

For the organisations’ next critical phase of transformation, the CEO required an individual with cognitive diverse experience to drive technology enhancement and innovation for the benefit of its customers.

The Approach

Marlin Hawk developed a comprehensive research strategy that targeted global, complex organisations. This included management consulting firms, competitor banking groups, insurance giants, and technology organisations. It was imperative that all executives approached had a proven track record in leading geographically dispersed teams through significant transformation initiatives.

The Result

The successful candidate had built a career leading global, complex technology functions at leading telecommunications, aviation, and technology organisations, and has a proven track record in supporting CEOs through extended periods of transformation with technology and innovation being the enabler.

In addition, they had served on the Board of a global investment firm for over five years and had therefore built a deep understanding of the processes and challenges associated with the banking and financial services industry. Most importantly, they bring a globalised customer-centric outlook.

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