People Journey Series | Laura Ambrose, Executive Assistant

by Laura Ambrose

We take a look behind the corporate bios of our team to uncover what drives them in their careers and why they continue to choose Marlin Hawk. Next in our People Journey Series is Laura Ambrose, Executive Assistant in our London office.

01. Tell us about your career to date with Marlin Hawk.

Currently in my 9th year at Marlin Hawk, most of that time has been working directly for our now Chief Executive Officer. My duties have ranged from diary management, extensive global travel arrangements, business development to forecasting and client liaising. I have also been involved in various database projects and compliance.

02. What attracted you to Marlin Hawk? And what makes you stay?

The size in particular attracted me to Marlin Hawk. Smaller than the SHREK firms I had worked at previously, MH gave a more personal and connected feel to everyone in the company whilst still working at the level of the larger organisations. What makes me stay is feeling that I am heard within the company, and my fabulous colleagues!

03. What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Balancing being a Mum to 2 children under 5 and working full time for a busy CEO, it has been my biggest challenge but biggest achievement. It’s hard to keep the balance sometimes but proud of my navigating so far!

04. Who has helped you along the way?

Not only my colleagues, some of whom I can now call close friends, but a shout out to our CEO who has helped me to flourish and build confidence through support and guidance. Also, a huge thank you to our Group COO, for always checking in.

05. How would you describe the culture at Marlin Hawk?

Marlin Hawk is supportive, collaborative and allows for opportunity at every level. I wouldn’t have been here for 9 years if it were anything else!

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