Career Path With Marlin HawkPrincipal and Client Partner

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As Principal you will develop an agreed market area to deliver a sustainable pipeline of revenue from selected target clients. You will lead and direct research delivery for your assignments and proactively develop knowledge of your market area. You will be the primary contact for multiple client accounts and lead most client meetings with very limited Partner support. You will be comfortable in negotiating client terms, brokering negotiations, with direction from a Partner. Your experience will enable you to support and motivate junior colleagues in all their activities. Your experience and knowledge will enable you to leverage your professional network to break into new lines of business within your team's industry sector. At this level you will be able to generate new revenue opportunities independently, originate market research and be a trusted source of news in your market area; aware of any impact for clients and prospects.

Client Partner

As a Client Partner at Marlin Hawk, you will take primary responsibility for the leadership, strategic development, and profitable growth of your business practice. You will also be responsible for building the dominance of Marlin Hawk in key client relations within your sector and successfully lead your team in all aspects of delivering their role. You will direct researchers and consultants within your team and manage all overall processes, resolving conflicts and obstacles as they occur. You will direct end to end candidate management process of your team and devise and execute plans to continue to grow your team's end-to-end delivery and business development