Marlin Hawk Launches Next-Generation Board Initiative

Marlin Hawk offers a fresh take on recruiting for the Board of Directors and Advisory Boards with its Next-Generation Board Initiative. Since its inception, Marlin Hawk has partnered with companies racing to make technology the heartbeat of the business. With its new Board initiative, Marlin Hawk brings together a world-class network of diverse executives whose recent exposure at the leading edge of digital transformation will help organizations adapt to our rapidly-evolving times.

"Diversity of thought, talent, and experience is crucial in today's workplace as it brings fresh new ideas to the table, but it also has to be part of the fabric and culture of an organization to be truly impactful," notes John-Claude Hesketh, Global Managing Partner. "We have been surprised how many global, tier one organizations are lacking genuine, recent leadership experience on their Boards and, as a consequence, lack the required experience to guide their executive teams through these unique and rapidly changing times. With our Next-Generation Board Practice methodology and service offering, we're able to help these companies find the right candidates to bridge these gaps and reflect the reality of today's consumer and corporate demands."

Based on Marlin Hawk's research of Fortune 1000 companies, the Board of Directors is in desperate need of innovation. There is a serious gap in the right type of talent at the Board level concentrated in three particular areas: Technology , Digital, Data, and Cyber Security. Across the companies surveyed,Marlin Hawk found that only 14% of Boards had the right type of technology talent, specifically:

  • 10% of Boards had Technology Officers
  • 3% of Boards had Digital and Data experts
  • 1% of Boards had Cyber Security leaders

We also found that top revenue-grossing companies are 2.5X more likely to have technology talent on the Board of Directors.

Marlin Hawk is committed to partnering with leaders to foster a more diverse workplace aligned to each company's unique values and talent needs. From the C-Suite to the Board, our intelligence-led methodology and data-driven approach is designed to help clients find the right solutions for long-term success.

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