Marlin Hawk is a boutique advisory firm focused on the next generation of
global leaders.

We want to change the way companies think about talent. Every business faces the same question. Regardless of its size, sector or location. How can we appoint leaders who deliver success?

At Marlin Hawk, we believe the old answers are not good enough. So we've redefined executive search and pioneered new ways to help companies secure and develop the talent they need. Our clients trust us to hunt wider, deeper and smarter than anyone else. They know we will bring them those special people who make a
real difference.

Above and Beyond

In a rapidly changing business world, tradition can be an asset. But companies that refuse to adapt will struggle to grow. Winners are smart, agile and open-minded. They employ great people. We help our clients to see the big picture. We show them how the right talent could redefine success. And then we go out and find those people. View our client and candidates section to hear some of their thoughts and experiences.

Our Stories and Discoveries

To the ends
of the earth

(and beyond)

We've guided our clients on some incredible journeys. To us, they are true pioneers. They see business as an adventure. They take tough terrain in their stride. They overcome great challenges to achieve the extraordinary. Their inspiring stories will show you the value we put on building relationships, the scale of what we could achieve together.

"Inspiring journeys of discovery are as much part of the cityscape as the wilderness. Whether it's the boardroom table or the polar plateau, executive bench or continental shelf, if we expand our horizons and rise to new challenges, we are capable of achieving the seemingly impossible." ©

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Penned by Sir Ranulph Fiennes exclusively for Marlin Hawk.
Copyright © 2015 Marlin Hawk Ltd. All rights reserved. Registration no: 284689755.

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We find those rare individuals who deliver real competitive advantage. It's not easy. It takes a pioneering approach and relentless determination. When we evaluate candidates, we don't just look at what they've done or where they want to go. We use rigorous techniques to understand their life and character, their drivers and values.

Our unique approach reveals a more detailed and meaningful portrait of the person behind the CV or resume. It means we can find people who match a client’s needs perfectly and add value from day one. And it enables our candidates to achieve their personal ambitions.

Depth and Detail

Insights & News

Thoughts and Ideas

We believe in the value of informed insights. When the 'accepted wisdom' is wrong, we’ll look for a better answer. When we see assumptions based on hunches, we'll look
for facts and data. And when we see something
innovative that improves business performance, we'll
share it with our networks.

View our articles and news items to get a taste of the latest thinking and developments at Marlin Hawk.

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Join Our Firm

Our Values

We are a genuine people business, where those willing to think differently, challenge assumptions and find new ways of doing things are highly prized. But when it comes to our vision and values, we are as one.


To be the most compelling and pioneering firm in the industry, for our customers and people.







At Marlin Hawk, it is our people that make us stand out. We look for extraordinary talent and, not surprisingly, apply the same stringent approach to hiring it as we do for our clients.

Whether a raw graduate or experienced consultant, we want people who think differently yet share our values. We seek individuals who thrive in a culture that is unrelenting in its pursuit of the best customer experience in our industry.

We expect total commitment and we reward it by promoting people rapidly – there are no limits, whatever your level of experience. We run a mentoring scheme to increase every person’s chance of achieving their full potential. We also know how to have fun, celebrating individual milestones and collective success.

If you want to start or develop your career with a boutique that genuinely shapes the world’s business leadership, please contact us in confidence on careers@marlinhawk.com or apply for roles advertised on our LinkedIn profile.

Our Philosophy

Discovering And Delivering The Unexpected

We want our clients and candidates to achieve their full potential. So we've developed better ways to understand 'how' and 'why' those we work with became 'who' they are today. We don't rely on intuition. Our unique tools and processes evaluate candidates from three perspectives: ambitions, 'life journey', and desire to grow personally.

Combined with our knowledge of business trends and the changing world of work, these insights reveal candidates in a new light. Read more to discover how we deliver results that are sometimes unexpected, but always highly effective.

Our approach to Corporate Responsibility
1) We Look For Ambition

We find people who think big, challenge themselves and see every setback as an opportunity to learn and grow. These are candidates who do not just accept the world as it is. They want to find a better way, a smarter answer. They want to shape the future.

Culture Clash

We often look for candidates that fit a client’s culture. But sometimes a culture clash is what’s needed. An insurance company was in the slow-lane, falling behind its rivals across a range of performance metrics. We found it a Chief Operating Officer bursting with ambition. His sense of drive and commitment reinvigorated the business. Within 100 days, he’d devised a transformation plan – and begun to implement it. He achieved a degree and pace of change that would have been unthinkable before his arrival.


There are many routes a traveller can take to reach a destination. We find candidates who are honest about the obstacles they have encountered along the road, and how they managed to overcome them. We can separate those with the potential to journey further from those who have taken too many shortcuts or got lost down too many
dead ends.

Digging Deep

It's good when a client knows what they want. But often their brief is just a starting point. One company wanted to appoint an internal candidate, someone who had been with it for years and – so it seemed – had an impressive record. But when we dug deeper into his personality, we discovered a worrying management style. We advised the board that if they appointed this individual, they risked undermining some of their most important business values. When we showed the senior leaders the kind of candidate they really needed, we quickly found the perfect person.


We find candidates with the potential to grow. Rising stars who need a fresh challenge. People who want to keep moving forward – learning, growing, achieving more. Those who can deliver sustained improvement for years to come.

Tomorrow’s Talent

Finding a candidate who meets the client’s needs today is good, but not enough. We like to find the rare people who have the kind of drive and vigour our clients will want to retain for years. Our ability to spot upcoming talent enabled us to find a superb Chief Executive for a global consumer goods business. This individual was young, dynamic, talented – and massively frustrated with his old employer, which foolishly overlooked his potential. Shortly after starting his new role, he was voted one of the most inspiring leaders in the industry.


Assumptions are dangerous in our profession. There is no such thing as the "standard brief" – or there shouldn’t be. We find the best-of-the-best candidates by looking at the full picture – life experience, education, adversity, business achievements – and always pushing for more.

Persistence Rewarded

Our client wanted to recruit a Senior Security Officer. Previous search firms had failed to deliver, or given up in frustration with the board’s shifting demands. But we saw their uncertainty as a challenge. We live in an ambiguous world, where needs change. The answer is to listen, think and be patient; challenge assumptions with data and rigour. Eventually, we found the perfect candidate. But he wasn’t an obvious choice; with a government background, he would need time to adapt. So we coached him through his first 18 months, showing him how to apply his skills and deliver change in the private sector – where he continues to add significant value.

Our Services

Transforming Careers And Companies

Our industry is big on talk but short on innovation. So we've thrown away 'the rulebook'. We're not interested in tired practices that do nothing to help clients or candidates. Instead, we've pioneered tools and methodologies that transform business performance. Ours is a more scientific approach. It's grounded in rich detail and clear strategic thinking. And it gets results. Read more to learn about our sevices, and what makes them unique.

Executive search

We collaborate with key stakeholders to develop a crystal clear brief. Then use innovative search techniques to identify an unparalleled pool of potential candidates. We guide clients and candidates throughout the process – managing expectations, aligning ambitions and keeping the outcome in focus. Our world-class project management skills ensure a smooth journey from beginning to end. With the perfect candidate on board, we stay close at hand – coaching and advising as needed.

Market intelligence & benchmarking

We share actionable business ideas and market intelligence with clients across a range of topics – from the impact of regulatory change to emerging skill gaps. Our fresh perspective on talent management and organizational strategy helps clients to define their requirements better, before we even start searching for candidates.

Interim management

We provide outstanding interim executives – quickly. Our no-compromise approach enables clients to be flexible in their resourcing and to respond quickly to unexpected changes or sudden opportunities. With a global network of referenced and vetted candidates, we can find the right people, wherever clients need them.

Project services

We handpick experts and advisors who deliver successful projects. Our approach ensures that the people working on a project align with the client’s values and share its objectives. Compared to resourcing a project through a traditional consulting firm, our approach offers clients greater long-term value, less short-term cost and far more control.

Leadership assessment

We conduct discrete evaluations of individuals, teams and boards of directors. Our work helps senior leaders to identify skills gaps, adapt to a changing business environment and plan for succession. Clients can then develop the talent management strategies that will keep them moving forwards.


We offer all our clients and candidates honest, frank and constructive feedback about how they can achieve their goals or move their careers forward. That can take the form of a structured coaching program or less formal guidance. Our coaching helps people at every stage of their working lives.

Our Sector Expertise

A Deeper Understanding

We work and think globally, across corporate sectors and country boundaries. That gives us an unrivalled perspective on business and people trends. To find the best candidates and new ideas, we go where more limited consultancies can't. No one in our industry can surpass the depth and range of our networks. We are constantly talking to some of the most influential people in the world. We get to the right people fast, opening doors and creating opportunities.


Our financial services team recruits for clients across consumer & wholesale financial services and insurance. We find candidates for global financial firms, super-regional banks, insurance companies, mobile payment specialists, credit card companies, wealth managers, investment banks, hedge funds, financial technology firms and exchanges.

 For more information contact us at -


Consumer & Technology

Our consumer & technology team recruits people who anticipate market changes, innovate relentlessly and compete hard. We work with businesses of all sizes – from those in the early stages of venture capital support to the world’s largest companies. Areas we specialise in include consumer products & manufacturing, consumer services, technology, utilities, retail, travel, media and digital.

For more information contact us at -



Our professional services team recruits individuals to senior roles in accountancy practices, law firms, IT service providers and other consultancies. Assignments range from practice leaders to specialist professionals. When a single appointment will not have the impact our client needs, we build entire teams of people.

For more information contact us at -


& Executive

We’ve built a global network of outstanding business leaders and rising stars. These are people with the power to reinvigorate a flagging business or take a successful firm to new heights. Our networks range from divisional leaders and group CEOs to chairmen and non-executive directors.

For more information contact us at - 


Finance, Risk
& Compliance

Our finance, risk and compliance team recruits people who combine expert technical knowledge with a commercial mindset. We find candidates who establish appropriate levels of internal control whilst having the ability to partner with the business to enable growth. Roles we frequently recruit include Chief Financial Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Financial Director, Head of Compliance and Head of Finance Change and Transformation.

For more information contact us at -


& Customer

Our commercial, marketing and customer team recruits people who deliver outstanding customer experience and value management. We’ve found candidates for some of the world’s most successful companies, across B2B and B2C sectors. Roles we frequently recruit include Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, and their direct reports.

For more information contact us at -


& Innovation

Our digital and innovation team recruits people with the ability to change the way a business thinks about everything from social media to customer value. We find candidates who combine a digital mind-set with commercial sense and business strategy. Roles we frequently recruit include Chief Executive Officer, Chief Digital Officer and Multi-Channel Director.

For more information contact us at -


& Operational

Our operations and technology team recruits people with outstanding technological and commercial skills. We select CIO and innovative CTO leaders along with senior team members within the mid- to back-office world across procurement, supply chain and operations.

For more information contact us at -



Today's people issues are becoming increasingly complex and challenging. We partner with our clients to find exceptional HR leaders who are an essential voice in the boardroom, combining real commercial understanding and HR domain expertise to positively impact culture and the bottom line.

For more information contact us at -


Our People

Our Team
and Sector

Success demands extraordinary people. That's the philosophy we apply when we find people for our clients. And it's how we recruit our own team. We don't look for 'consultants' – we employ remarkable individuals with the ambition to chart new territories, the vision to help our clients succeed. We select bright, entrepreneurial, creative thinkers – people who question assumptions and find answers. When they join us, we work towards one objective – delivering for our clients.

David Holloway
Group CEO
Mark Oppenheimer
John-Claude Hesketh
Managing Partner
Head of International
Gregg Grobler
Nabila Sadiq
Adam Colley
Client Partner
James Larkin
Client Partner
Kirstine Wilson
Client Partner
Carrie Magee
Client Partner
Suzanna Butler
Head of Talent Acquisition
Trevor Moulton
Client Partner
Philip Young
Client Partner
Chris Cook
Client Partner
Ricky Lam
Client Partner
Omar Al-Bakri

+44 20 7786 6073

Omar is a Principal in our Financial Services practice based in London. He joined in 2018 and is a front office specialist with a global network of business leaders. With over 15 years’ combined industry and search experience, Omar has worked for and partnered with some of the world’s leading banks and asset managers to find and discover market-leading talent to drive revenue-generating businesses.

Having spent 10 years in banking, working as a coverage officer for institutions such as BNP Paribas and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Omar has a unique and deep understanding of the needs of his clients. His areas of expertise include the full breadth of leadership, management, P&L contributor roles across wholesale banking, securities services and asset management

Stacey Nicholl

+44 20 7786 6088

Stacey Nicholl works in our CFO and HR practice for EMEA, where she manages executive-level finance and finance-change appointments across both search and interim. Based at our headquarters, Stacey specialises in financial services. She helps a range of institutions across insurance and reinsurance, retail, corporate and investment banking, and asset management. Stacey has led and managed the appointment of group and divisional CFOs and HRDs, group finance directors and heads of finance change and transformation. Before joining Marlin Hawk Stacey worked for a large international recruitment firm and a boutique firm, where she created a Banking and Financial Services practice.

Charles Matthews

+44 20 7786 6083

Charles Matthews joined our Interim Management practice in 2011. He focuses on senior appointments in operations and technology and has built strong relationships across COO, CIO and CTO communities. Charles works with businesses large and small. His client mandates range from C-suite appointments to programme management and leadership advisory.

Before joining Marlin Hawk, Charles spent six years with a global search and selection firm. He graduated from the University of Leeds with a 2.1 majoring in History and a minor in Spanish.

Paul Decoster

+1 347 363 2894

Paul is a Principal in the Financial Services Practice across the Americas. He covers a wide range of functions within the financial services sector, including, but not limited to the, Legal, Risk, Compliance, CIO, CTO, COO, CMO, digital and emerging payments spaces. Since joining, Paul has been a key member of the team which has delivered some of Marlin Hawk’s highest profile searches.

Prior to Joining Marlin Hawk, Paul worked for Russell Reynolds Associates, as a member of their Global Banking & Marketing and Legal Officers practice groups, with responsibilities that spread into broader financial services as well.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree with Magna Cum Laude Honors from Bowdoin College and a Juris Doctor from Fordham University School of Law.

Kara Ruskin

+1 347 353 9232

Kara is a Consultant within our Digital, Technology & Commerce practice in the Americas. Based in New York, she leads a team of functional and industry experts working to deliver both retained executive search and leadership advisory projects across key Marketing, Digital, eCommerce and Technology roles.

Before joining Marlin Hawk, Kara was Director of Research at Heyman Associates, a boutique executive search firm, where she conducted executive search assignments and managed the firm’s research function. Kara graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges with a dual Bachelor’s in Economics and Environmental Science.

Jason Senzon

+1 347 353 0248

Jason is a Principal in our Alternatives practice in the Americas. Based in New York, he has extensive experience leading complex senior level searches across both the Technology and Quantitative disciplines. Throughout his career, he has forged partnerships with some of the world’s leading hedge funds, investment banks, FinTechs and technology organizations. Jason has also been at the forefront of many of the firm’s marquee cross-industry placements, most notably from Technology to Finance.

Prior to joining Marlin Hawk, Jason spent the first 10 years of his career at Bernard Nickels & Associates, a boutique search firm, where he was a Partner. Jason graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology.

Ceylan Higgins

+44 20 7786 6062

Ceylan is a Consultant at Marlin Hawk, working within both the Financial Services and Digital, Technology & Commerce practice.
She leads search mandates across a range of functions, encompassing change/transformation, digital, HR, IT, marketing and operations; as well as leadership advisory projects.

Previously, Ceylan worked with two boutique executive search firms, specialised in placing senior executives into internet and technology companies; specifically, within VC and private equity.

She is based in the London office and manages assignments across EMEA.

Cindy Peters
Chief of Staff

+1 646 664 1987

Cindy is the Chief of Staff to the CEO of the Americas region. Prior to this role, she was the Head of Business Administration for the Americas, where she led a team of four. In her role she supports the CEO’s internal and external communications, provides oversight and guidance to key projects and oversees the day to day operations, while managing the executive support staff.

Prior to joining Marlin Hawk, she was the Staffing Manager at a contingent search firm where she liaised between clients and candidates, managed on-boarding, as well as all contract management.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and English Language Arts from Hunter College of New York.

Mike Gelfman

+1 347 363 2454

Mike is a Consultant within our Digital, Technology & Commerce practice, based in New York. He partners predominantly with FinTech, SaaS, Industrial, Consumer, Gaming and Hospitality organizations to execute CIO, CTO, CDO, Information Security, Product, Data, Machine Learning and Operational Technology searches.

Prior to Joining Marlin Hawk, Mike worked for a recruitment firm, where he was responsible for building a business unit specializing in mid to senior leadership searches within technology startups and growth stage organizations. He graduated from New Jersey City University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

Michael Schwartz

+ 1 332 203 0373

Michael is as a Consultant in Marlin Hawk’s Financial Services practice in the Americas. He has 10 years’ experience partnering with executives from Fortune 500 companies and startups in order to deliver retained executive search, leadership advisory projects and key market insights. His functional expertise spans Information Technology, Sales, Marketing, Product Management and Human Resources.

Before joining Marlin Hawk, Michael was a Director at JBK Associates International, a retained boutique search firm, where he led the Technology practice. Michael graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications.

Greg Rodarte

+1 347 363 2903

Greg Rodarte is a Consultant in our Financial Services and Client and Customer Engagement practices, based in New York. He specializes in commercial business managers, including credit card, lending and deposits P&L management, as well as marketing, customer experience, consumer insights, and customer operations across all industries. Additionally, Greg conducts searches across front office, revenue-generating roles, including investment bankers, corporate bankers, and corporate development professionals.

Prior to joining Marlin Hawk, Greg was with Heidrick & Struggles in the Financial Services practice, where his clients included a number of the world’s largest banks. He entered the executive search industry with Spencer Stuart after serving as a Corps Member with Teach For America, where he taught Secondary Mathematics in Baltimore City. Greg holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Politics from Georgetown University.

Mayur Patel


Mayur is a Consultant in our Financial Services practice, based in London. He specialises in executive search and strategic intelligence projects focused on digital, data and innovation within the Financial Services and Technology sectors.

Throughout his time at Marlin Hawk, he has led a number of significant research projects across Europe, APAC and the US, building a strong and geographically diverse network of executives across multiple industries. Mayur holds a Master’s Degree in Finance along with a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, minoring in Sociology and Psychology, from Richmond University in London.

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