Innovation and R&D

The Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) / Head of Research & Development (R&D) role is hard to standardise, even within a sector. This is due to the relatively recent emergence of the role, which came to prominence around the year 2017.

The background of these individuals can be extremely varied, from product specialists and creatives to academics and former start-up founders. Before hiring for this position, it is critical that there is clarity from the executive team around the objectives of the function in order to flesh out the required background and capabilities of the potential candidate. The lines between other functions and the CINO / Head of R&D remit can often become blurred, so this laser focus on remit is imperative.

How We Help

Marlin Hawk has assisted, advised and helped clients build innovation/R&D functions since the emergence of the role. Our breadth of understanding of the complexities of this position has helped our clients build the job description with purpose and coherency and enabled us to go to market for the right person who we can be sure will be successful upon joining the organisation.

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