People Journey Series | Daniel Finer, Consultant, London

by Daniel Finer

We take a look behind the corporate bios of our team to uncover what drives them in their careers and why they continue to choose Marlin Hawk. Next in our People Journey Series is Daniel Finer, Consultant​ in our London office.

01. Tell us about your career to date with Marlin Hawk.

In 2017, I joined as a Research Associate and over the past four years have been promoted through to Consultant. Throughout this time, I have been aligned to the global financial services practice, partnering with clients across the industry; retail banking, commercial banking, transaction banking, wealth & asset management, insurance, investment banking, and payments. My client work has been multi-disciplinary, including operations, technology, digital, marketing, general management, and product. As my career progresses, so does my focus. Recently I have been specialising in general management, product, and technology leadership positions for wholesale financial services clients.

02. What attracted you to Marlin Hawk? And how have we delivered on expectations?

I was initially attracted to three elements: leadership, youthful nature and global presence. I come from a contingent recruitment background and Marlin Hawk has Partners who come from a similar background. It was important I could see myself in the leaders of the organisation knowing my skillset would be valued and a promotion track was open. The leadership team is diverse and the organisation is fast-paced and growing. I wanted the opportunity to work across multiple geographies and jurisdictions. Marlin Hawk continues to deliver on all three.

03. What has been your greatest achievement so far?

My greatest achievement has been to partner with c-level executives on their most senior hires. Placing candidates at this level and contributing to the strategic direction of large global companies gives my work purpose.

04. What or who has helped you along the way?

Undoubtedly, it is all about the people around me. Our leadership team are approachable. Working with smart people pushes me to be better and to always improve.

05. How would you describe the culture at Marlin Hawk?

Marlin Hawk has a true global nature which, combined with the diversity of the people within it, makes the culture unique. This culture fosters intuition and intrapreneurship; two elements that, personally, ensure I thrive.

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